Now.. if anyone  knows me, they’ll know that I love nothing more than a bargain.  In fact, I refuse to buy anything at full price until I find out if I can get some sort of discount on it.  If it dosen’t exist cheaper on google or on ebay then, as painful as it is, i’ll cough up my hard earned cash.

It’s not that i’m cheap. I’d like to call it “price conscious”.

Especially when it comes to makeup.  I live my life working with it so I like a child in a candy store, I could easily bankrupt myself with buying “oooh just one more” of a colour I probably already have but like the way this one feels, looks, is packaged.

As a professional makeup artist there are lots of discounts available if you simply just ask.  Many companies offer Membership Programmes. These include:





  • Pop into their store at Westfield’s to fill out an application form


  • Pop into either of their stores (Covent Garden or Notting Hill). They only offer discounts on their own brand products though.

Bobbi Brown

  • Forms used to be available from the Selfridges counter however, the application process has been suspended and is being reviewed.  Will update you when I get more info.


Sacred Lashes

  • Email: or ring either +234 80 76 76 76 76 or + 44 7949 085 956


Make sure to take your business card and also be prepared to provide your qualifications or call sheets/credits. Some places require more proof than others.

Have fun!

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