On my birthday 26th January 2010 Sacred Lashes was born.

So let me first start off by introducing myself.  My name is Lola Maja-Okojevoh.  I’ve been a makeup artist for nearly 25 years.  (Counting down to 2017 woo hoo!).   On the 1st October this year I unvelied my new company “The Beauty Insider”. But it all started with a little range of Lashes which grew into full services Film & TV, Makeup Artistry Boutique and Academy called Sacred Creative Artistry Limited.

It’s a story of love, hard work, vision and new beginnings.   One day I might turn it into a movie. It’ll win an award.. I wonder who I should cast to play myself… ooh and who would play my hubby.. he’d have to be a dashing tall dark and handsome actor.. hehhe.. ok let me stop day dreaming and get back to the matter at hand.

Sacred Lashes 1st Campaign Shoot 2010 Lola Maja

Sacred Lashes 1st Campaign Shoot 2010 Photography Credit: Suby Sinem

I’d been working in the makeup and beauty industry for 18 years at that point, i’d established a successful business in the UK and we had just premiered the first film I had worked on in Nigeria (guess which one it was lol), my first few music videos (Today Na Today – Omawumi, Lagos Party – Banky W,.. Something About You – Dr Sid etc).  Lots of jobs had started coming up over here. I had also started working as a Spa Consultant helping businesses set up and train their staff and I was busy with clients and students teaching threading and semi permanent lash extensions. Going back and forth every couple of months.   The Naira to GBP was 250:1 !!!!

Then Mr Okojevoh happened. One day he sat down with me and helped me to write a business plan. He talked me through the whole thing, he was my sounding board and my chief adviser. He was my besto.  On my birthday he flew from Nigeria to the UK and drove with me for 3 hours to collect my first shipment of Lashes.

What can I say. I fell in love with him and 4 months later some how I was standing on a beach marrying this guy and yes.. wearing my lashes!

Lola Maja Okojevoh Wedding


I moved back to Nigeria, brought my lashes with me, spent hours sitting in front of my computer building a website. Nigeri wasn’t ready for online shopping at that time so I sold them mostly from facebook and my car. I met all the major makeup artists, made lots of friends and the rest is history.

My first clients were Bimpe, Banke and Tara.  Bimpe and Banke started using them on their brides and Banke & Tara selling them in store.

After using them on Omoni she recommended me to a few other actresses and I remember meeting Ini Edo and Tonto at Planet One hotel in Maryland with my lashes in a presentation box. I demonstrated them and they bought two sets each.  I was so happy with my first few sales. I got home and asked Tonio if he had heard of them before (I didn’t really watch Nollywood at that time). The look he gave me showed just how much of an Aje Butter I was. LMAO


Sacred Lashes Cross Tip Style Lola Maja

Sacred Lashes 1st Campaign Shoot 2010 Photography Credit: Suby Sinem


When I thought about setting up a brand I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done at that time.  I looked around and realized that I didn’t want a full range of products.  I wanted one particular product that everyone could use no matter if you were a makeup artist or a consumer.   We were the first Nigerian owned brand of Lashes.   Human hair and Mink Fur.  We went to the same manufacturers that produced lashes for MAC and made sure that we had a full range from Natural Styles to Dramatic creative versions.

Sacred Lashes Feather Tipped Lola Maja

Sacred Lashes Creative Range – 1st Campaign Shoot 2010 Photography Credit: Suby Sinem

We launched with 15 different styles and I still have a complete set of the original range from the batch that we picked up on my birthday.  We prayed over them on that first day and when ever business challenges arise I bring out that set and remind myself how far we’ve come.  It puts everything into perspective.


Sacred Lashes Silverbird Galleria Lola Maja The BF Collective Review


Fast forward 6 years we are now launching our new range.  Focusing on the highest quality but ensuring value for money our Box of 5 lashes are reuseable and are stackable. So you can combine different styles to create endless versions, it’s truly up to you.  There are 10 different styles available.


sacred lashes box of 5 lola maja #naijabrandsrock


All the lashes are named after someone in my life.  From my kids, my sisters, friends, staff, winners of competitions and also the children of my Nanny and my Driver.  Each name has a special meaning to me.

Our lashes are favourites amongst alot of Makeup Artists as well as being used by Zaron artists and  House of Tara for in store client make overs around the country.  To be honest, I can’t list all the Actresses, Singers and TV/Radio personalities that have used our lashes over the years as they’ve been everywhere.   I can only thank God that he has shown us so much support and that our customers have been so amazingly loyal.

sacred lashes toolz o bimpe onakoya nigerian wedding makeup


The lashes can either be bought directly from The Beauty Insider NG in Maryland (online site launching in January) with the box of 5’s only being available from Lewa Studio in VI and WOW Nails in Lekki & The Palms Mall.    We have several other stockists being activated from January so stay tuned!!

We’re giving the chance for 3 lucky winners to receive a set of our original lashes and a set of our new box of 10 lashes!!!

All you have to do to enter the competition is:

  1. Make sure you’re following @thebeautyinsiderng and @thebfcollective
  2. Answer this easy question on the giveaway image on our page ‘name one movie that Sacred (Lola Maja) has worked on.

A winner will be picked at random on Wednesday 7th December.

Good luck!


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  1. Uju Lilian Ikegbune

    Wow! Even beautiful people like you have had your own share of the hustle. I really connected with your story and it reminds me of myself, you kept on at many things till you built your brand, you carried your box around and also sold from your car! Very wise! Your story is real and relatable, my hubby also helps me and support me with my business ideas. You name your products after important people in your life and you included your dom estic staff are inclusive, you are so humble. Thank you for sharing your Journey so far, I feel inspired not to give up, I am inspired to keep working and trying to build my own brand. I have learnt a lot from you in this story. I hope to meet you one day Lola Maja.

    • TheB&FCollective

      Awww thank you so much. Your comment really touched my heart. You have to be a winner .. hehheh mwwwah.. congratulations. DM us on instagram to arrange collection of your goodie bag xxxx

      • Uju Lilian Ikegbune

        Yes! Yes! Yes! Dancing Shoki now! Ow! I will rock the lashes on my wedding day soon. Thanks thebfcollective, and I can’t wait to do a review on my blog.

  2. j0rdanna

    Lola Maja has worked on major movies in the Nigerian movie industry, one of these movies is Fifty, produced by Mo Abudu.

    • TheB&FCollective

      Yay congratulations you’re a winner. Please contact us by DM on Instagram to arrange collection of your prize!


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