A  L♥√ع for Blushes

I never understood the beauty of blushers up until last year when I bought my little ‘box of tricks’ by w7 (approx £7.00).

I only bought it initially for the eye shadows but I somehow cheated on them when I found myself falling in love with another item..I’ve never regretted the affair since *shy face*.

I still use and totally adore the rose petal powder blush because it gives a rosy tinge to my cheeks and brightens my entire complexion.

Blushes come in both cream and powder however for best results, bear in mind your skin type. 

(Pro Pallettes can be customised to include a variety of cream & powder shades as above)


For blush virgins.. apply with caution, dust lightly.. a beautiful thing can become dangerous in over excitable hands! *eek*

Powder blushes

These are generally suitable for people with oily skin as it tends to give a matte finish (if you do suffer from oily skin, the last thing you’d want is to apply something shiny onto your face)

You have a choice of pressed powder or loose powder. As tricky as they are, loose powders tend to look more natural however because the texture is lighter. For the best results invest in a good blush brush (for example MAC 129 brush, long or short handle, approx £26).  Sweep powder lightly along cheek bone for a natural look or build up gently for more impact.


Cream blushes

Cream blushes are ideal for normal or combination skins. They look more natural than powder blushes because they can be blended in to give a smooth finish, you can choose whether you want a soft glow or a noticable hue. Alot of cream powders come in stick form which can be applied directly onto the skin or in the standard compact form which can  should be applied with a good blusher brush (for example MAC 187 brush approx £31).

4 easy steps for Application.
•Apply from hairline near ear along cheekbone with a forward movement.
•Even out/blend
Note to non blush-aholics …trust me and go out and buy yourself one!

Note to Budding Artists, Blush dosent have to be applied in the usual way, find new ways of experimenting with colours and techniques to create dramatic effects to your work


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  1. jane

    Amazing learning tool!just added sacred beauty blog to my favourites for quick access!

  2. Christine B

    I’ve always wondered how to use cream blushers but I was always afraid of them. I think I may just give it a go now cause sometimes the powder ones look too flat. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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