This week our video tutorial is by an amazing makeup artist Carly (aka @Glitterdollz7).  She is currently a contributing editor for FaceOn Magazine.  If you’ve never heard of this publication that’s because it’s still quite new but it’s a must have in any avid makeup artist’s collection. It’s a simple concept, a magazine that has been created by makeup artists for makeup artists.  You can check out their website on

But let’s get back on track…  Last week we had crystal lips and this week we’ve gone with a Cheryl Cole inspired look as seen in her “Parachute” video.  It’s a great editorial look, quite simple to achieve as long as you have the patience.  Of course you can feel free to tweak the colours and make it your own, as once you’ve seen this look, you’ll be hard pressed to keep recreating it for other shoots.

The lashes featured in the tutorial are similar to “Mandy” or “Zelda” available from the range. For a more unique take on the look, you could try using “Cookie” or “Tiffany”.   They all come with a complementary vial of glue, however we also sell Duo glue for those of you who intend to use ALOT of rhinestones. Lol



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