If you know me,  you’ll know that I have a thing for masks.  I’ve loved them since I was a child.  The beauty, elegance and above all mystery that surrounds them.  I’m not talking about the cheap ones that have elastic around the back, think more of Venice.. Balls with huge gowns, delicate ladies holding their masks on ornate gold poles.. *sigh*..  I think I was born in the wrong century!

Get those creative juices flowing, the next time you’re doing a photoshoot or if you have a themed party to go to, rather than buying a mask, be more unique and create one yourself.

Many thanks to Kittierae for her gorgeous mask tutorial which won the Nikkie Tutorials competition.




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  1. DivineMakeovers

    This is really stunning. Love the videos. Its always inspiring to see these things. You dont get too see much creativity like this in nigeria. Everyone is always sticking to the same kind of makeup. Thanks for sharing with us. People should take note and stop try something different. As you say makeup is art.


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