When I did a survey asking which one beauty item a lady would never do without, the top answer I got seemed a little far fetched –  the mascara.

First, I wondered of its importance, mascara?  Isn’t  it just a thick mass of ink that coats the lashes?  The mascara reveals the best or worst of a woman’s face – it says calm, cool, wild, bold, weird, fierce and even at times carries the whole look.

As I’ve discovered finding the perfect mascara is a more complex task than one might think; having tried various formulas which didn’t quite reveal the basics of a perfect mascara.

Different formulas can enhance your lashes in different ways. There are options to consider when wearing mascara: lengthening, thickening, long-wearing, conditioning and waterproof formulas. It’s however essential to also Consider the types of mascara and select one appropriate for your lashes and the occasion. While for day, you might decide to add length, the night however requires a long-wearing or thickening formula but definitely doesn’t mean an extreme use. And like my dear friend Tinu who refreshes her makeup (especially mascara) every moment available during a night out, she says, “every girl should have a piece of beauty essential she can’t  live without…and should definitely be the mascara”.  Not that I agree totally to her beauty rule but I always look awed at her refreshed look of beauty each time she adds an extra coat of ‘that ink’.   Amazingly the mascara sure works beauty wonders and like the saying goes;  “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,  a lady defines herself and with just one glance she can get almost anything she desires.

It’d be difficult to calculate the amount of time women spend on makeup let alone dressing up, but while we’re rubbing, plucking, dabbing, we hardly take care of our eyes. Our eyelashes just like our skin are exposed to the harsh atmosphere which contains irritants, pollution, smoke and dangerous ingredients. The eyelash takes approximately 8 weeks to re grow when plucked or falls out and without proper treatment the ones that re grow are usually too weak to withstand the harsh weather. Like the hair on the scalp our eyelashes protect the eyes from debris, so my advice is while you ensure to purchase quality mascara, it’s also necessary to protect the eyelashes that wear them. (Think about that before you rush off to get your next set of lash extensions. Make sure they’re not damaging your natural lashes!)

You can repair, rebuild and revitalize your eyelashes using lash products and creams. If you want you can have fuller, thicker, healthier more beautiful lashes and eye brows by strengthening and conditioning brittle lashes. These products has revealed contain essential nutrients for maximum growth and encourage growth even if you wear make-up.

It’s quite easy to buy mascara anywhere though; retail stores, an online or from a friend (which occurs often) but what confirms the quality of the product?  Wondering aloud, I asked a couple friends their opinion, yet again, I was quite amazed at the responses I received, many believe it’s just mascara and doesn’t really penetrate into the skin (which I completely disagree with) so any type will do just so you ensure to wash off before sleep. But then I ask whatever happened to proper eye care? Well, that’s a story for another day.

Left on my own, I started researching different mascaras – the good, the bad, the ugly and I add one more…the destructive.

Like one of my favourite quotes says, “The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”  Make that face and body enviably beautiful but also nourish that within, your heart, mind and soul with other essential beauties of life.


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