Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Spa Pedicure or a normal Pedicure? I’ll tell you what, it’s a lot more than just  a professional toenail job.

A Spa Pedicure is a procedure which cleans and removes the dead skin cells from the feet and toenails. It helps prevent nail diseases. The pedicure is also accompanied by a foot massage that rejuvenates the skin as well as relaxing the muscles. But what really sets it apart is the fact that it’ll be a longer service, with more steps — an aromatic exfoliating scrub, hydrating mask, hot towel wrap, jelly pedicures and paraffin dips are also on the menu at alot of places and this are the things that’ll make the spa pedicure last longer and feel more luxurious. If you’re more adventurous, you can invest in a fish pedicures (where you dip your feet into a tank full of tiny fish which nibble away at the hard skin on your feet!  But in general, they will help to remove excess dead hard skin on the soles of your feet but they will not use a blade to scrap this off.  This technique is very dangerous and can cause further problems to the area. the pedicure blades were invented for chiropodists who are trained feet doctors and not for general beauty purposes. Rather, callous removing products are used which contain a certain amount of chemicals to help dissolve hard skin and make it easier to file away.

The same goes for overgrown cuticles. These will be trimmed not cut (or yanked) off using cuticle nippers not blades. Cuticle removes will be applied first to ensure the area is softened first and care will be taken to rehydrate the area to avoid splitting post treatment.  If any fungal infections are found under the nail bed, products can be used and recommended for home care to help clear the affected areas.

Let’s start with the basics, firstly, you’re paying for a more beautiful, luxurious atmosphere, nstead of fluorescent lights and noxious fumes from acrylic overlays & airbrushed nails, you have pretty light fixtures, good design, and a handsome pedicure chair in a quiet corner. The pedicure chair should drain (not re-circulated water) so that the pedicure is completely sanitary and you won’t have someone in the next chair from you eating their food out of a plastic container while talking on their mobile phone.

You can be sure the technicians are highly experienced and  are there to give you a special experience. You should feel thoroughly pampered. They can give you beautifully shaped nails, suggest the perfect color for your skin and the season, and their work lasts — no chips or bubbles AND they should have a very nice manner and follow the highest level of spa sanitation & customer care.

Depending on the spa, you may or may not get the full robe and slipper treatment and access to facilities if you are only purchasing nail services. Ask if that’s important to you.

If you need to save, get a spa manicure or pedicure as a special treat and do you regular maintenance at home or with your corner nail or beauty salon. But cheaper is not always better. Make sure they don’t cut corners on sanitation!

Remember, every part of your body is Sacred. We rely on our feet for so much but yet we take them for granted. So remember to show your feet some love this summer.  After all, without them we wouldn’t be able to wear all those cute shoes! Lol

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  2. Beauty Coach (Emmi)

    I have pretty good experience with pedicure for overgrown cuticles but i think the fungal infection is one of the main reason which my clients got. I will advice about that you should take care. Emmi.

  3. Annie

    What brand and color is the nail enamel in the second photo, please? That is such a pretty rose color.


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