So everyone is obsessed with highlighting and contouring literally everywhere on the Instagram world.  But there’s alot of questions about setting powder and whether or not its a necessity to an average face beat.  I.e.. do you need to ‘Bake or Cook’ your face.

Well, setting powder was created for a reason, and it does have its pros.

Check out Heidi Makeup Artist’s tutorial and just in case you’re still struggling .. Shayla to the rescue!



What is Setting Powder?

A setting powder is basically a loose or compact powder that “sets” your foundation or other base makeup products so that it lasts longer throughout the day. It adheres to any damp and/or sticky part of the foundation (which ordinarily comes with liquid foundation,unless it has a matte formula) and creates somewhat of a seal. It also helps with excessive shine. The art of “setting” your foundation/concealer can also be referred to as “baking”.


Why use a setting powder?

Setting powder is very useful for people with oily skin types, it sets your foundation in such a way that it erases shine and lasts longer so you do not have to touch up so often.


How do I use a Setting Powder?

Setting Powders are often used to “bake” as stated earlier. Makeup Artists and Beauty Enthusiasts the world over will often advice to use a setting powder over the concealer used in highlighting your face, as these are the areas more likely to produce shine and hit the light. The T zone is the foremost place to use your setting powder i.e the bridge of your forehead and down your nose. Under your eyes and your jaw line also, are places to use your setting powder on. After you have set for a few minutes, you brush off the excess with your powder brush and then apply your finishing powder.



Kim Kardashian’s famous selfie that set it all off!!


What Setting Powder can I use?

The list goes on and on! There are so many brands out there, but these are a few we can recommend and are super easy to find:

Ben Nye Banana Powder


Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder



Graftobian Setting Powder



And just in case you’re still confused.. the adorable Jacquline Hill also explain it all!  (It’s a bit long but trust me it’s worth it!)



Do you guys Bake? How do you set your face? Let us know which products are your faves.




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