Crotchet Braids or natural hair clip ins and wefts are all the rave right now as they are quick, easy to install and are totally on trend. Whether you’re part of the Natural Hair Gang, Protective Styling Squad or Relaxed Hair Don’t Care, they’re universally accepted as a great way to achieve your Hair Goals without the stress.. But I have to say, I think that one of the biggest appeals to the Crochet Braids and Clip Ins are that you can literally do them yourself!

Based on the simple technique of using a crochet pin (I wonder who came up with that bright idea), you weave your hair the same way you’d prepare it for hair extensions but then loop and tie them onto the rows.  No thread necessary and they doesn’t cause as much stress to the scalp as traditional braids or weave-ons. To be honest, it’s easier if you just watch the video!


Long gone are the days you’d spend hours sitting around patiently having your braids done.  You can get the look in less than half the time. We love the versatility and the variety of ways you can wear them. Twists, body waves, marley hair or blown out yakki fros.

Two of our favourite brands are of course Nigerian owned.  Ngozi the Stylist brought us Heat Free Hair and Stephanie Coker from Krochet Kulture.


Ngozi Opara – Heat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair is a premium luxury brand has been around since 2012 and were one of the first companies to introduce the concept of Natural Hair textured extensions in a whole new light. Ranging from 3B – 4C there’s a wide choice of curls or coils to choose from.  They ship internationally from the US  via their website but Ngozi will also be at the NNHB Show in Lagos this September (brought to you by The Kinky Apothecary).

For more info and to order product you can contact them on:


Instagram: @heatfreehair

stephanie coker crochet


Krochet Kulture was launched recently by one of our favourite fashionistas. Home grown, buy Naija, we love the fact that Steph has always been spotted rocking braids or twists. Sometimes they’re so long they make your eyes water wondering how she holds her hair up under the weight!!  Give your neck a break and let your edges be free we say!  They’re based in Nigeria and are super affordable. You can find them on Konga or via their Instagram page which also list all their national distributors.

Telephone No:              07088631619
Instagram:                     @KrotchetKulture
Price:                               N3,000- N3300
Length options:            12″ & 24
It’s recommended that 12″ requires 2.5-3 packs for a full head while the 24″ requires 3-4 packs for a full head. And YES..each order comes with a free crotchet pin used for installation.

crochet hair stephanie coker



Check out the gram for amazing styles to spice up your hair game using the hastag #CrochetBraids



Source: Heat Free Hair




heat free hair wand curl

Source: Heat Free Hair





Source: Heat Free Hair

Source: Heat Free Hair



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