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Still on the #naijabrandsrock initative today’s featured product is the Eedas Atelier 3D Glitters.

The brand was only founded last year, April 2015 with their first product that was launched in the EA makeup line was their 15 pieces brush set consisting of 15 essential professional brushes nicely concealed in a unique sturdy package with an additional soft leather brush pouch.  They also have brush drying racks, brush eggs (to help wash your brushes lol) and a variety of other brush sets to suit different needs.

But the current best sellers are the EA 3D glitters. They come in sixteen (16) highly pigmented colours that can be applied to the eyes, face, body and nails.

I also like the face that each of the shades are named after different Makeup Artists.  Guess which one is named after which artist.. lol

EA Beauty Glitter Collection


Initial Impression / Branding

The first thing that struck me about the brand was their packaging.  The glitters arrived in a branded gift box with their logo, Instagram and Facebook icons.   I really liked that little touch.  They also included a cute gift card thanking you for your purchase and encouraging you to tag them in your pictures using their products.  Again, a nice little touch.

The glitters themselves come in quality pots.  The branding stickers rather than direct printing but really there isn’t any need for anything fancier than that.   Sometimes people don’t do enough or sometimes they do too much.  I liked the overall packaging and it looks worth alot more than it actually costs.

eedas atelier glitter review


Product Quality

The glitters really are 3D.   Multi Dimentional they shimmer and shine at every angle that you catch the light.  We tried them under lights as well as in natural light and these babies just wouldn’t stop!

As anyone who has used loose glitters will know.. they are deadly.  Please be careful when picking them up with a brush or your fingers.  I’d advise to slightly dampen your brush with makeup setting spray or to use a baby wipe on your finger before attempting to apply them as otherwise it’ll just go everywhere!  But hey.. live dangerously lol.

We didn’t use any eyeshadow base underneath when swatching to get a true picture of the pigmentation. So you can imagine what they’ll look like with a white popping cream underneath!


Swatches under a Light

Swatches under a Light


Glitter Swatches Without Light

Glitter Swatches Without Light


Value for Money

N900 – N1000

YES … I said it.. you can find them retailing between Nine Hundred to One Thousand Naira per pot!!

If that it’s fanfrikkingtastic then I don’t know what you’re looking for in life.


Final Verdict

The Glitters are out of this world!!!  I absolutely love the whole vibe of the brand.  From the presentation to the customer service.  Getting to know Oyinda (the CEO) has been such a lovely experience.  They have a clear vision on where they want to take their brand and I truly believe that they’ll get there.  While some of their products may be available from other sellers under different brand names that really dosen’t matter to me as everywhere in the world you’ll find the same thing happening. Search makeup brushes, brush egg, brush drying rack and glitters on Amazon or Ebay and you’ll see a whole host of similar products with different names.   What truly matters is that they have a brand.  A brand which i’d easily buy into because i’d trust their brand over another company that may have the same looking item.


Because I like their brand and i’d be happier to spend my money to rock a product with their logo because it’s well packaged and it looks great.  They’re also very realistic and reasonable with their pricing.  So it’s a win win situation.

And i’m not just saying this to blow steam.  I love their brand so much i’ve decided to stock their glitters at our store!


Giveaway Time

So if you’d like to find out for yourself why i’m so excited about these products, we have a fabulous set of glitters up for grabs for one lucky winner!! All you have to do to stand a chance of winning.

  1.  Make sure you’re following @e.abeauty and @thebfcollective on instagram.  Like the giveaway picture.
  2.  Answer this simple question ‘name one of the makeup artists that the glitters are named after’ in the comments section below.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday 6th December.

Good luck!

Feel free to leave comments and also rate the brand as well. Join in the fun.  Have you ever used any of their products, what do you think, lemme know?


Contact Details

Address: 24, Adeleke Odunuga Street, Harmony Estate Ogba, Lagos

Tel: +2348146207346

Instagram: @e.abeauty

Facebook: Eeda’s Atelier


Naija Brands Rock - Eedas Atelier (EA Beauty) Review & Giveaway
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22 Responses

  1. Ubula Opuere

    Eedas Atelier glitters in Oshewa named after Olubunmi Oshewa (Oshewa beauty makeovers)

  2. Regina

    The Eedas Atelier Glitter in the shade Jojo was named after the Port Harcourt based make up artist Joan Banna of @jojostouch

  3. j0rdanna

    the Eedas Atelier Glitter in the lilac shade “Banke” named after the professional Makeup artist and bridal expert, Banke Meshida Lawal of BM Pro @banksbmpro

  4. Chisom

    EA Beauty glitters in Jojo named after jojostouch.
    I need these glitters in my life ahhhh,they are speaking to me from the pictures lol

  5. doreen

    EA glitters labisi named after nigerian makeup artist and ceo of faces by labisi…labisi folawiyo

  6. Amaka N

    Eadas Atelier glitter in mamza is named after Abuja-based makeup artist Fati mamza (mamzabeauty)❤️

  7. Lembo

    I followed both accounts on ig and I think the products are amazing. …..and I think the E.A glitters in mamaza is named after fati of mama beauty

  8. TheB&FCollective

    Congratulations to our winner F Otiaigbe. Thanks to eveyone that entered. Still lots of giveaways to come evey day for the next two weeks!!


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