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Can you imagine.. today is the last day in our Naija Brand’s Rock Giveaway!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the reviews (and of course the freebies!). Congratulations to all our winners so far and a great big thank you to all the brands that participated.

Today is our Last Day!!!!  So I decided to finish it with my just recently discovered brands.

So, I present to you Hush Beauty!!

Nigerian Makeup Blog Hush Beauty Review


Impression / Branding

I’d never heard of Hush before.  It was launched just a few months ago in October 2016.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest when the package arrived I was like “woah, they ain’t playing”.

Alot of the time when people discuss with me the whole #naijabrandsrock thing they’re under the impression that alof of the time people just buy ready made products from China and stick their name on it.  No research and development goes into it, no quality control and that they’re just cheap products with an over inflated price tag.

Well, to be honest, yes. Sometimes that is the case. And in other instances you find a brand that although you might think the product looks similar to another brand, when you take the whole entire range into consideration and you test them out, you realize that actually, their products are really good and realistically priced!

I had a conversation with someone a few days ago and they complained that Nigerian brands were just copy cats.  I pointed out that Morphe Brushes which is now one of the best known new ish brands out there weren’t creating anything revolutionary. That in fact, Hush Beauty had makeup palettes that looked JUST like theirs and were JUST as good and which in today’s economy, cost less than trying to bring in foreign brands from America.

So who is in the wrong here?  People scream about BH Cosmetics and Morphe but then turn their noses up at Nigerian Brands.  It’s all China!!!  Oh and by the way. China isn’t a swear word.  The Far East produces a huge amount of international companies manufacture in the Far East.  The rest is marketing and branding lol.


Product Quality


I was very impressed with the variety and quality of the products.  The eyeshadows, blush palette and glow palette were super pigmented.  The Glow Kit reminded me of course of the Anastasia Beverly Hills just in different packaging and it packed a serious punch.

Hush Beauty Glow Kit Nigerian Makeup Brand




Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit – N24,000


The eyeshadow and blush palettes really reminded me of the Morphe shades and were really creamy.  Easy to blend in and a fabulous variety of colours.  I especially loved the 350M palette.  It’s a combination of beautiful warmed toned matte shades. Perfect for every day glow and for a natural glam look.



Hush Beauty 350M

Hush Beauty 350M – N7000



I also loved the bright palette 35D . It’s full of really fun colours which you can use either by themselves or combined for popping looks.  Great for Traditional weddings and nights out.  You’d need to use a base though underneath to get the best out of the colours to give them some depth.




My favourite palette though had to be the 35T.  It was really creamy and the colour glided onto the skin without creasing.  The shades were gorgeous and could work for daytime or evening looks.  There weren’t any matte shades in this palette except for the darker black. Which in truth wasn’t very dark.  More like a charcoal shade. That was probably the only shade I didn’t really like in the entire range to be honest.


Hush Beauty Eyeshadow Palette Review


I also loved their liquid lipsticks.  They really got the formulation right.  It’s not too dry on the lips and doesn’t leave you feeling as though your mouth might crack at any time if you laugh or smile.  LOL

The colours also dry true to shade. Sometimes the colour that you see in the tube isn’t how it looks once it’s dry. But I could easily wear them for about 4 – 5 hours before there was any noticeable fading.


Nigerian Makeup Blogger Hush Liquid Lipstick Review


Image courtsey of Hush Beauty website


I was really worried about the metallic shade cracking once dry but it kept it’s depth and was comfortable on the lips.

But for me.  The star product in their range was their new 4-in-1 Beauty Sponge.

Hush Beauty Sponge

Image courtesy of Hush Beauty website


The shape of the sponge isn’t the usual shape that every one is producing.  It’s like a combination of two of the most popular shapes in one.  It has a rounded end, flat side and pointed tip.  So you can use it all around the face for all the areas you need to do.  Full face foundation application, highlight and contour and blending.

And don’t let me start on their brush set!!!!

I literally screamed when I opened it up.  It’s sooooo cute!!!!!!!  It comes in a really good quality leatherette bag which will always come in handy. I’d say that it’s great as a personal set or for a new artist setting up.  As a pro artist I already had similar brushes in there but I found an amazing short angled brush that isn’t common at all and it’s going straight into my makeup box!

Hush Beauty Brush Set Review


Gosh.. it dosen’t end there they recently launched their box set of 5 lashes and blush set as well, the list goes on and on!




Image Courtesy of Hush Beauty website


Morphe Blush Palette - Approx N12,000

Morphe Blush Palette – N12,000

Value for Money

What’s there NOT to love about this brand??

The brush set retails at 10k, the glow kit is only N6000 and the shadow palettes are N7000 each.  The Beauty Sponge is N1800 and the blush palette is 5000.

So let’s be honest.  You can buy great quality at less than half the price of international brands without compromising.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit retails in Lagos at around N26k ..

So yeah…

*drops the Mic*



Final Verdict

Watch out for this brand. Although it was only launched in October the owner Doyin Adekoya isn’t a newbie in the industry. She’s been in business since 2013 and this is another venture for her.  I’m totally sold and you can be sure you’ll find them stocked at my office very soon.

It’s brands like this which really are the heart and soul of the #naijabrandsrock campaign.


Giveaway Time

So if you’d like to find out for yourself why i’m so excited and have decided to stock these products, we have a fabulous gift bag with Liquid Lipsticks and Eyelashes up for grabs for one lucky winner!! All you have to do to stand a chance of winning.

  1.  Make sure you’re following @hushbeautyng and @thebfcollective on Instagram.  Like the giveaway picture.
  2.  Answer this simple question  in the comments section below ‘name one of the lipstick shades available in the range’

Winner will be announced on Wednesday 21st  December.

Good luck!

Feel free to leave comments and also rate the brand as well. Join in the fun.  Have you ever used any of their products, what do you think, lemme know?


Contact Details

Number: +2348091183859

Instagram: hushbeautyng

Email: info@hushbeauty.com.ng

Website: www.hushbeauty.com.ng

Naija Brands Rock - Hush Beauty (Review & Giveaway)
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    • TheB&FCollective

      Congratulations you’ve won a goodie bag courtesy of Hush Beauty. Please DM us on Instagram to arrange collection!!

      • Abiodun

        Wa woo finally got one yeh yeh…can’t wait for next year thank Go we cop this one..next gonna be lit ?????

  1. Jonaks

    One of the liquid lipstick in the range is: Hush beauty matte lipstick in Cool . Overall i mush say this brand is a good one, trued6yheir eyeshadow,its super pigmented and definitely value for money… Thumbs up

  2. Laitan

    Hushbeauty Matte lipstick in “Cool”! I really love their eyeshadow palette it’s so perfect to work with once you use a good base, your colors will be popping!

  3. Kween

    One of the shades is Belize!!! I really hope I win this time because I participated in all but I’m yet to get lucky ?

  4. almostvixen

    Liquid lipstick shade: Belize.

    I’ve liked both pictures on IG. Name: almostvixen ?

    I think this is the most inexpensive brand I’ve seen and everything looks so bomb!

  5. Ajidahun Toyosi

    Metallic matte lipstick
    I use their brush set and eyeshadow 35OT, the brushset is so nice and soft, it’s not synthetic or hard, it doesn’t remove from d stick it’s the best brush set ever,and the eyeshadow palette I got from them is the true definition of beautiful ???

  6. Deborah Bilham

    ‘Belize’ – Hush beauty matte liquid lipstick. I have never tried their products but i would love to

  7. cyndykings

    I love the shade “rush”. I love the fact that their eye shadows are really pigmented and last all day long with or without eyeshadow primers

  8. The Pochocho

    Metallic Matte Liquid Lipstick
    I have wanted the eye shadow pallete as well as the lipstick range for so long but I could not afford it. I have read a lot of great comments from people who have used the products. Well done!

  9. msfunmibi

    One of their lippies shade is CLAIM.I have never used their products but if and when I win this giveaway I’d give my review.Lol ?

  10. verra_ada

    Hush beauty matte liquid lipstick in shade choco. Shade: choco range: matte liquid lipstick


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