Now you all know I’m obsessed with hair colours!  *understatement alert*

I live my life in a rainbow and 2016 was definately a very colourful year on Instagram. Everyone got onto the band wagon. It actually really started up again in full swing in 2015 and Women of Colour everywhere found ways of rocking the popular ombre trends by incorporating them into braids and weaves. I for one was all up on that wagon, in fact, I was in the front seat screaming “Yee Haaa” all the way along the ride.

2016 saw the popular mermaid shades, pastel, turquoise and the EPIC Grey!  Storm would’ve been proud. That colour was LIFE. I’m still clinging on with reluctance to move on, I’ve gone with ombre grey, blue grey and now grey into lilac.

But since the end of last year the Internet has been freaking out over “Blorange” hair. The gorgeous color is the creation of celebrity hairstylist Alex Brownsell, co-founder of Bleach London, and her blood orange guinea pig, model Georgia May Jagger. Jagger showed off her new ‘do on Instagram about four months ago, and the pretty color has picked up speed, reports Buzzfeed.

Now last year I did see the “pastal peach” look and I was really tempted to give it a try but I just couldn’t find the right shade and it was also a little bit.. blah.  I was worried it’d end up making my hair look really dry and washed up. But now  “blorange” is a combination of blood red and orange. So this time around it has a bit more red in it to give the look an orange tint.

Now this is a colour I can’t wait to try!  I think it’ll really suit alot of different skin tones, including darker shades that are a bit scared of looking like ojuju calabar with the other crazy shades.   I also love the way lil Miss Willow Smith softened her Grey with Blue Steel and Blorange.  The possibilities are endless!

It’s Tres Chic!


Willow Smith Grey and Blorange hair hot trend 2017

Willow Smith


blorange hair trend women of colour woc

Nyane Lebajoa




Micha Ginelli Blorange Peach Hair

Micha Gianelli


grey and blorange ombre hair 2017 hot trend



So what do you think? Is it something you can see yourself rocking?

Stay beautiful


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