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"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." --- George Bernard Shaw I've often wondered if I had chosen another path what would I have become? Who would I have chosen to be? What would I have chosen to do? Life is all about choices. You can't just exist. You have to live! . If you've ever read any of my interview I always say I've been working as a makeup artist since I was 14. I've always been a makeup artist.. yes. I loved what I did.. yes.. But I did work in alot of other industries while I was growing up. I worked full time in makeup for 5 years after i turned 18. But then I decided I needed more security and money than makeup alone. . I studied to be a legal executive, however I decided I didn't want to take the transference exam to be a lawyer. It wasn't where my heart was. I just needed a job not a career. I was a makeup artist. I worked as an Office Manager in construction and property, I was a Private Life PA, to clients that were everything I wanted to be in life. . I followed my dreams by still working most evenings, weekends, holidays as a makeup artist. I went back to Beauty School while working and when I turned 30 I decided I was ready to go back full time into my artistry. . Succeeding as a makeup artist isn't just about being talented. You have to know how to run your business. I registered my first company when I was 19 but looking back now I can see where I made mistakes. All of my experiences and jobs taught me life skills that have helped me not just to be an Artist but to be a Boss. . So what ever your dreams are, don't just follow them. Chase them like they owe you rent money. Hunt them down and capture them. But it's ok if it dosent happen overnight. . Just follow your own path and always keep them in your line of sight. . #wednesdaywisdom #motivationalquotes #followyourdreams #bewhoyouare #bewhoyouwanttobe #thebusinessofbeauty #beautyeditor #beautyover40 #beautybusiness #beautybloggers #beautymogul #nigerianmua #nigerianmakeupartist #ukmakeupartist #britishbeautyblogger #makeupartist #makeupbusiness #beautyinsider #motivationalspeaker #wcw #hudaboss #mywcw #lolamaja

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